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Denis Waitley Quotes

Denis Waitley Quotes

"SMILE! In every language, in every culture - it is the light in your window that tells people there's a caring, sharing individual inside and it's the universal code for "I'm O. K. - You're O. K., too!"" ~ Denis Waitley

"It makes little difference what is actually happening, it's how you, personally, take it that really counts!" ~ Denis Waitley

"The two greatest fear busters are knowledge and action." ~ Denis Waitley

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"Success is almost totally dependent upon drive, focus and persistence. The extra energy required to make an extra effort - try another approach - concentrate on the desired outcome - is the secret of winning. Out of desire - the energy and will to win." ~ Denis Waitley

"Since most of our fears are based on dark imaginings, it is vital for us to dwell on our magnificent obsessions and desired results - to look at where we want to go, as opposed to that troubled place where we may have been or may still be hiding." ~ Denis Waitley

"People resist changing because it upsets their present security. People will change dramatically when it's a matter of life or death. And people will change happily and effectively... when they want to." ~ Denis Waitley

"For every one of your goals make it a habit to repeat again and again, "I want to - I can," "I want to - I can."" ~ Denis Waitley

"There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing." ~ Denis Waitley

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"Attitude is the criterion for success. But you can't buy an attitude for a million dollars. Attitudes are not for sale. ... Your attitude towards your potential is either the key to or the lock in the door of personal fulfillment." ~ Denis Waitley

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