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Chip Conley Quotes

"Here's one major relationship that most of us can use some help sorting out: your mind and your wallet." ~ Chip Conley

"The most successful business leaders are often experts in emotions." ~ Chip Conley

"Emotions are contagious... Approximately 50 - 70 percent of the temperament of a work group is influenced by the emotional state of its leader, so a business leader can almost think of herself as the "emotional thermostat"of her work group." ~ Chip Conley

"Emotions are vehicles for transforming or moving your life. ... Learning how to let your emotional weather pass through you is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself - and others." ~ Chip Conley

"Many people do not distinguish between something that happens to them and their reaction to it. Yet it isn't the event or situation that holds the emotional charge; it's our beliefs that create our response." ~ Chip Conley

"Letting an emotion move through you is healthy. Letting an emotion define you is not." ~ Chip Conley

"Disappointment is a natural result of poorly managed expectations." ~ Chip Conley

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Chip Conley Quotes

"A calling energizes you. A job with no meaning depletes you. Living your calling means tapping into an emotional energy that emanates from a deep inner reservoir." ~ Chip Conley

"...what separates someone who is a workaholic from someone living his or her calling is whether that person feels imprisoned or free." ~ Chip Conley

"Curiosity has ... proven to be a great ingredient in resilience, a trait particularly valuable in an extended economic downturn. Resilient people aren't made of steel; they just provide themselves with more options, and those options come from a curious mind." ~ Chip Conley

"Make curiosity a wonder-ful habit." ~ Chip Conley

"Channel Peter Drucker. Every year, choose a subject to learn; become so expert in it that you can teach it to others." ~ Chip Conley

"One of the reasons that many people in their fifties start to become happier is that they've finally decided to stop wearing so many masks." ~ Chip Conley

"Younger people tend to associate happiness more with excitement and the future, while older people tend to associate happiness with peacefulness in the present." ~ Chip Conley

"On some deep emotional level, we long to do work that feels as though it's an extension of who we are. Indeed, one of life's universal pursuits is searching for that kind of work." ~ Chip Conley

"Those of us who have been lucky enough to experience a calling in our work have a certain faith and peace of mind that it's exactly when we're supposed to be doing." ~ Chip Conley

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"Suffering is the constant in our life. It can also have a noble purpose once you stop focusing on it as a constant and instead start giving attention not just to relieving the pain but also to looking for the meaning that can come out of the experience." ~ Chip Conley

"The more complicated our lives become, the more important it is to give attention to what it all means. A world without meaning is a world in which despair equals suffering, and we end up anesthetizing ourselves with distractions - TV, the Internet, alcohol - to kill the pain." ~ Chip Conley

"You have two options to reduce your potential for disappointment. Either you reduce your expectations, or you influence reality - or at least your sense of reality. ... Reality is what you make of it." ~ Chip Conley

"Research has shown - and your personal experience may bear this out - that the scariest things in life aren't just the mysteries you face. It's even scarier when those uncertainties are matched by an ample amount of fear that you aren't well prepared for or powerful enough to address." ~ Chip Conley, Emotional Equations

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