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Clay Johnson Quotes

Clay Johnson Quotes

"There always has been more human knowledge and experience than any one human could absorb. It's not the total amount of information, but your information habit that is pushing you to whatever extreme you find uncomfortable." ~ Clay A. Johnson

"People like hearing their beliefs confirmed more that they like hearing facts." ~ Clay Johnson

"Media companies want to provide you with the most profitable information possible, that will keep you tuned in, and the result is airwaves filled with fear and affirmation." ~ Clay Johnson

"Technical progress always comes with its critics. The greater the speed and power of this progress, the greater the criticism." ~ Clay Johnson

"We all live in our own social bubbles, which we create and empower through our social relationships and interestingly, new research says that these relationships have profound impacts on us. The friends we select, and the communities in which we work, play, and love serve as filters for us. It's too high of a cognitive and ego burden to surround ourselves with people that we disagree with." ~ Clay Johnson

"The result of going on a healthy information diet is better health and a better life." ~ Clay Johnson

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"Mass affirmation is the refined sugar of the mind." ~ Clay Johnson

"I advocate canceling your cable or satellite television subscription if you have one, and getting your video entertainment from services like YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. With the exception of weather information, most news services carried by television networks don't do the public any service." ~ Clay Johnson

"A healthy information diet means the avoidance of over processed information." ~ Clay Johnson

"A healthy information diet always starts locally. Local news is more actionable and tolerant to the individual than global news.

You might argue that stupid people, willing to believe whatever they want to believe, will always exist. You might further argue that evildoers will always be there to attempt to take advantage of them. You're right. But the problem is getting more severe because the economics of how we get our information have changed so much that it is not just the stupid people who are getting duped anymore." ~ Clay Johnson, The Information Diet

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"An information diet is not about consuming less; it's about consuming right." ~ Clay Johnson

"When you are consuming processed information, you [should] consistently check the ingredients. If you're reading news on a new medicare proposal in Congress, it means you want to take a look at the bill itself, not just what the Huffington Post has to say about it." ~ Clay Johnson

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