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Donald Norman Quotes

Donald Norman Quotes

"Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating." ~ Donald Norman

"The human mind is a wonderful organ of understanding - we are always trying to find meaning in the events around us." ~ Donald Norman

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"Good design is also an act of communication between the designer and the user, except that all the communication has to come about by the appearance of the device itself. The device must explain itself." ~ Donald Norman

"In design it is important to shoe the effect of an action. … Feedback is critical." ~ Donald Norman

"The surest way to make something easy to use, with few errors, is to make it impossible to do otherwise – to constrain the choices." ~ Donald Norman

"There is no need to sacrifice beauty for usability or, for that matter, usability for beauty. No need to sacrifice cost or function, time to manufacture or sales. It is possible to create things that are both creative and usable, both pleasurable and completely workable." ~ Donald Norman

"Human biology and psychology do not change much with time: society and culture change very slowly." ~ Donald Norman

"Technology may change rapidly, but people change slowly. The principals [of design] come from understanding of people. They remain true forever." ~ Donald Norman

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"To understand how to use things, we need conceptual models of how they work." ~ Donald Norman

"Most design is intended to be used by people, so the needs and requirements of people ought to be driving much of the work throughout the entire process." ~ Donald Norman

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