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Jason Ellis Quotes

"The only people who are truly hopeless are people who believe they’re hopeless. And I know how people start to think that way … Insecurities start creeping in when you’re little, and then you start building up walls to cover those insecurities. At some point, you have so many walls built up, you decide you’d rather go down with the ship than admit your faults and try to fix yourself." ~ Jason Ellis

"Being awesome really comes down to having confidence." ~ Jason Ellis

"To get what you really want in life, you first have to be comfortable in your own skin." ~ Jason Ellis

"True confidence isn’t something most people are born with. It’s something they have to earn." ~ Jason Ellis

"I think most guys don’t know anything about food and nutrition, which is crazy." ~ Jason Ellis

"If you want seriously change your diet, then obviously fast food is out the window. You can’t drink soda. You can’t eat a bunch of cheese or pie or cake. You can’t drink too much alcohol. And you definitely can’t smoke." ~ Jason Ellis

"I don’t recommend any crazy diets. Don’t commit yourself to anything where you only eat cheese, or you only eat lettuce, or whatever." ~ Jason Ellis

"I am a Neanderthal and I can’t really cook, so I just keep making different sandwiches." ~ Jason Ellis

"That’s the problem with vegan, healthy, gluten free food – half of it tastes like shit." ~ Jason Ellis

"I believe you need to find something that motivates you to keep exercising, or sooner or later you’re going to quit." ~ Jason Ellis

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Jason Ellis Quotes

"I think it’s extremely hard to have confidence if you don’t like the way you look." ~ Jason Ellis

"If you don’t care about your job and you’re just doing something to pay the bills and maybe support a family, eventually the job becomes mindless. And when your body figures out that it’s only being used for mindless activity, that’s when it gets easy to give up. It gets easy to start easting the wrong stuff all the time or start abusing yourself in other ways. It’s a dangerous path, and once you start going in that directions, you can get stick there permanently." ~ Jason Ellis

"One thing I find helpful for staying positive is saying mantras. Not just one time, here or there. You do it every day. When I wake up in the morning I say stuff to myself, “Today is a great day.” Not “It’s going to be.” It is." ~ Jason Ellis

"It’s a competitive world. And it’s a materialistic world, too. There aren’t enough good jobs and hot chicks to go around. Sad but true. Deal with it. I am not saying that everybody can have it all. But if you think there’s more to life than what you have right now, I’m here to tell you you’re right. You just have to make an effort." ~ Jason Ellis

"If you‘re trying to get good at something, you are bound to have to deal with some failure." ~ Jason Ellis

"The first step to being good in anything is to be obsessed with it. You need to be all in. You need to believe in yourself completely, even if no one else can see where you’re going but you." ~ Jason Ellis

"The best thing about money is not worrying about money." ~ Jason Ellis

"Getting what you want out of life is your choice." ~ Jason Ellis, "The Awesome Guide to Life"

"If you get bored with your gym routine – which is probably what will happen to most people – then try to find something else you can get really into, For me, the best thing I’ve come across is training in MMA [Mixed Martial Art]. Plus girls love guys who train in MMA. … Girls want someone who can fight and protect them and open jars of mayonnaise." ~ Jason Ellis

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"You need to believe in your passion, no matter how stupid or insane that might make you look to the rest of the world." ~ Jason Ellis

"I truly believe that your attitude us your decision. You are what you say you are." ~ Jason Ellis

"Some people are happy being sad. I don’t know why. … And your friends can only take so much negativity before they decide to get rid you. If your friends are healthy and happy and you’re not, eventually they won’t be your friends anymore. They’ll disappear, because nobody wants to be around that. It’s contagious." ~ Jason Ellis

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