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Jim Clifton Quotes

"The leadership problem is that an increasing number of people in the world are miserable, hopeless, suffering and becoming dangerously unhappy because they don't have an almighty good job - and in most cases, no hope of getting one." ~ Jim Clifton (2011)

"The demands of leadership have changed. The highest levels if leadership require mastery of a new task: job creation. Traditional leadership through politics, military force, religion, or personal values won't work in the future like it has in the past." ~ Jim Clifton

"What the whole world wants [today] is a good job. This is one of the most important discoveries Gallup has ever made." ~ Jim Clifton

"Humans used to desire love, money, food, shelter, safety, peace and freedom more than anything else. The last 30 years have changed us. Now people want to have a good job, and they want their children to have a good job. This changes everything for world leaders. Everything they do - from waging war to building societies - will need to be carried out within the new context of the need for a good job." ~ Jim Clifton

"The desire for a good job is the current will of the world, and whether or not you have a good job." ~ Jim Clifton

"Entrepreneurship has a direct impact on supply and demand, but with a distinction: It doesn't just provide supply, it builds demand. Entrepreneurship alters the supply-and-demand equilibrium. That's why it's crucial to mentor budding entrepreneurs, not just people who want to work alone or be their own boss. True entrepreneurs build new jobs and increase overall demand and spending because they bring something new to the game. Either they take a current product or service and make it available to those who are not served or who are under served, or they take a new idea and build enthusiasm, interest, and desire for it - a new demand." ~ Jim Clifton

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Jim Clifton Quotes

"An entrepreneur... is a person of action, one who possesses an unnatural overload of two attributes: optimism and determination. Because entrepreneurs are optimistic, they don't see barriers; because they're determined, they never quit. Individuals who posses extreme amounts of optimism and determination get things done." ~ Jim Clifton, The Coming Jobs War

"I don’t think it is smart to ask business leaders to focus on job creation. Business leaders were put on earth to create customers, not jobs — jobs follow customers, not the other way around. City, state, and national political leaders and lawmakers have this backward. They need to make decisions based on helping 6 million American companies win customers, not hire more employees. They have the cause and effect backward." ~ Jim Clifton

"We need a lot of innovation. The point that almost all leaders miss is that innovation by itself has little to no value. An innovation has no value until an entrepreneur turns that innovation into a product or service that customers want to buy. An innovation needs a business model. People ask me, "Aren’t innovation and entrepreneurship like the chicken and the egg?" No. They are like the cart and the horse — we can load the cart (innovation) until we are blue in the face, but until we have a horse(entrepreneurship) to pull it, it never goes anywhere." ~ Jim Clifton

"America remains the best in the world at intellectual development. Even though education is failing in many big cities across the country, our top tier students are second to none in the world. If you are blessed with unusually high IQ in America, we will find you and give you a fantastic opportunity to develop. We excel at early identification of extreme intellectual strength and are the best in the world at accelerating and developing it. When it comes to the rare God-given talent of entrepreneurship, its development is left mostly to chance. When we learn to find, educate, and develop entrepreneurs, make this as systematic and intentional as we do with IQ, we will re-win the world’s jobs war." ~ Jim Clifton

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"Tribal leaders can get more done than political leaders when they get their strengths together. There is great variation of success across U.S. cities and it can always be explained best by talent and strategies and engagement of the local tribal leaders. Local tribal leadership engagement matters because they have more talent, money and drive per capita than the politicians and special interest groups. Unless tribal leaders are highly engaged, the city will fall to leadership by special interest groups." ~ Jim Clifton, Interview

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