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Jim Joseph Quotes

"I’m a marketing guy. Always have been and always will be, I suppose. I look at everything through the lens of marketing – I just can’t help myself." ~ Jim Joseph

"When we’re in marketing, we need to expect it to be a never-ending job. The minute we have our plan in place, something changes – like when a new competitor enters the market, or when new government legislation changes the rules of the road, or when a new technological advance requires a rethink. This is true for big business and it is certainly true of small." ~ Jim Joseph

"The minute we feeling safe and secure something comes along to rock our world. Our work is never done, although as a small business owner you have a much quicker ability to react, and probably a better ability to capitalize on those constant changes." ~ Jim Joseph

"My first piece of advice is to start paying more attention to marketing activity, from big brands and small. From television advertising, to social media, to websites, to in-store displays, observe how brands attempt to connect with their customers, and the language that they use." ~ Jim Joseph

"Get inspired by what’s in the market place. It will help create new ideas for customers and it will keep the business fresh. A key ingredient to being a good marketer is to stay on the pulse of pop culture and consumer behavior." ~ Jim Joseph

"Marketing is certainly hard work, but it’s also in large part about being inspired by what’s around you: part perspiration and part inspiration." ~ Jim Joseph

"Brands should be inspiring, and that should be the goal for your small business." ~ Jim Joseph

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Jim Joseph Quotes

"Some brands stay small but their impact is still huge." ~ Jim Joseph

"Innovation and creativity doesn’t come from the bureaucracy of big businesses. It comes from the entrepreneurialism of small businesses." ~ Jim Joseph

"Great marketing begins and ends with our customers… start to put some definitions around who they are and what makes them tick." ~ Jim Joseph

"Identifying the customer I only half the battle. The challenge is getting to know them better than anyone else." ~ Jim Joseph

"…Reaching the customer isn’t enough; we have to choose the right time and the place and string them together. This is what I call a touchpoint tree." ~ Jim Joseph

"In many ways, the digital world has made the brand experience so much more real and meaningful for customers." ~ Jim Joseph

"Really good marketing requires a long-term vision. …Think beyond the daily crisis and how manage the brand for the long run." ~ Jim Joseph

"None of us act alone, and no matter how much of an entrepreneur we are, we have a team of people around us, helping us." ~ Jim Joseph

"Whether you realize it before or not, if you own a small business then you are also a marketer." ~ Jim Joseph

"One of the great differences between a product and a brand is this emotional connection." ~ Jim Joseph

"The key to determining the emotional connection of the brand is to really understand the customer." ~ Jim Joseph

"Marketing is a spectator sport and we can learn from the big brands as they set the stage." ~ Jim Joseph, "The Experience Effect for Small Business"

"I believe that good marketing is about creating a powerful and compelling brand experience for the customer." ~ Jim Joseph

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