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Mark Sanborn Quotes

"Nobody can prevent you from choosing to be exceptional. At the end of the day, the only question that matters is, what kind of difference did you make?" ~ Mark Sanborn

"People give work dignity. There are no unimportant jobs, just people who feel unimportant doing their jobs." ~ Mark Sanborn

"In any job or business, relationship building is the most important objective because the quality of the relationship determines the quality of the product or service." ~ Mark Sanborn

"The faster you try to solve a problem with money, the less likely it will be the best solution. With enough money anyone can buy his or her way out of a problem. The challenge is to outthink rather than to outspend the competition." ~ Mark Sanborn

"The way to move through life joyfully and successfully is by focusing on what you give rather than on what you get. … being of service isn’t an obligation., but an opportunity. … being helpful is even more fun than being helped." ~ Mark Sanborn

"The most important question to ask yourself is, What kind of difference did I make [today]?" ~ Mark Sanborn

"Would you like to work for incredible boss? Then start by treating your boss like an incredible person. Do extraordinary things for him or her, and over time I bet you’ll notice a difference in your relationship. And if you don’t, it’s time to look for a new boss." ~ Mark Sanborn

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Mark Sanborn Quotes

"Attitude colors everything you and I do in life." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Enthusiasm makes ordinary events, processes, services, or interactions extraordinary." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Remember, the quality of relationship is related directly to the amount of time invested in it." ~ Mark Sanborn

"It’s true that nothing‘s perfect, that imperfection is the way of nature." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Good ideas are all around you. Seek out what the best people are doing. Watch and learn. Then adapt and apply." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Customers don’t have relationships with organizations; they form relationship with individuals." ~ Mark Sanborn

"When you don’t see much meaning in what you do, you won’t bring much value to what you do." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Nothing inspires people more than an example directly experienced or indirectly learned from a real-life incident." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Initiate. Don’t wait for “the right moment.” It will never come. Don’t wait until somebody else goes first. Maybe someone will, but it’s unlikely. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Just take an opportunity and make it as perfect as you can." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Take what life gives you. You might become a positive example not because of your situation, but in spite of it!" ~ Mark Sanborn

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"A positive attitude allows you to see the things you undertake as an opportunity, not an obligation." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Intention without action is only a dream. In the end it isn’t what we want to do or plan to do but what we actually do that makes any difference." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Do good and you’ll feel good." ~ Mark Sanborn

"Treat your customers and others as friends." ~ Mark Sanborn

"What makes any act extraordinary is doing it with heart. What makes any life extraordinary is living it with love." ~ Mark Sanborn

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