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Admiral Mike Mullen Quotes

"What choice do you make after you fail? Do you just give up? Or do you get up, knowing that you still have an awful lot to give? I chose the second path." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"Too often we just look at these glistening successes. Behind them in many, many cases is failure along the way, and that doesn’t get put into the Wikipedia story or the bio. Yet those failures teach you every bit as much as the successes." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"No matter the organization, the goal, or the mission, you’ve got to do it through people. It’s been that way for me since my first command. I work to understand the people, their views and needs, and how tasks are being carried out.
That interaction might cause me to modify my guidance or the way I delegate. It also affords me an opportunity to learn what goals people have and how as their boss I can facilitate their future in ways that not only help them, but also help the ship or the organization." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

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Admiral Mike Mullen Quotes

"I always tell people that despite your views when you’re young, life marches up to you. The future can be pretty unpredictable." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"...We have these bright young people with this amazing ability to adapt. Everybody’s a leader." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"The secret to bridging a cultural divide? Persistence. And you need to be very sincere. I’ve always worked hard to build relationships with key people and to try to see things from their perspective, even if I don’t agree with it. That way I’ve been able to connect with my counterparts." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"[About big setbacks] I had a mentor, George Sullivan, whose enthusiasm was really remarkable. He helped me get through it." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"[What do you teach the people you mentor?] First of all, don’t burn bridges, because you just don’t know when you’re going to need to cross them. Second, create options for yourself with diversity of education and diversity of assignments." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

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"In every war at some point in time, you do sit down and negotiate." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

"I really believe that this generation, these 20-somethings, are an extraordinary generation. I think they will lead. I think they’ll make a difference." ~ Admiral Mike Mullen

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